CES: Booth Babes and Target Audiences

CES: Booth Babes and Target Audiences

Editor's Note: The booth babes at the recent Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas were especially controversial this year, with one image in particular attracting the attention of Whitney Drake, who questions the wisdom of targeting electronic sales to men. Read her post to see the offensive image and learn her thoughts. -Virginia

booth babe from 2012
I Couldn't Help but Notice that amazing Viewtronicx by Scott Swigart via Flickr

I am the target audiences for shows like CES. I’m young, love tech, and I apply it regularly to my life. Not to mention I’m teaching my children to appreciate tech. Show me a sexy interface, or something with sleek lines? And I’m hooked. Throw it in the hands of a pretty girl who isn’t an actual spokesperson, and I’m going to assume that your product isn’t capable of selling itself.

. . .

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