The Business of Parenting

The Business of Parenting

Editor's Note: You don't really think about it ahead of time, but once you become a parent, there's a lot of business to take care of -- from birth certificates to wills and beyond. Single Infertile Female recently finalized the adoption of her baby girl and has been deep in the stuff of all of that business. Her post brings up a number of issues to consider, whether you have adopted or not, with regard to business issues and children. Give it a read! -Jenna

The Business of Parenting:

Once I receive it, on the recommendation of my lawyer, we will be applying for a new social security number for her as well. I’ve done a bit of research on this, and it seems as though about 50 percent of new adoptive parents do the same. According to my lawyer, it is just the safest way to go. Identity theft of a newborn is something you may not discover for years, once plenty of damage has already been done. And with adoption, the social security number is out there a bit more than it would be under normal circumstances. So for a few extra steps, we get a little more peace of mind – kind of making this a no brainer as far as I was concerned.

Business of Parenting
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