Attica Locke's "The Cutting Season"

Attica Locke's "The Cutting Season"

Recently our Contributing Editor Nordette Adams heard Attica Locke speak about her new novel, The Cutting Season, and was very impressed by the author. After hearing about her experience, I put The Cutting Season on my library list. While I've been waiting for it I've continued to read reviews, such as Swapna's, that applaud not only Locke's writing but also how she deftly handles issues surrounding race and history. - Karen

the cutting season attica lockeThe Cutting Season is an atmospheric, beautifully written novel with an intriguing murder at its core. But it’s so much more than just a mystery novel. Attica Locke uses the setting—an antebellum plantation—to explore race tensions. Caren feels torn over the preservation of Belle Vie, a sanitized version of a horrible past. She has trouble going into the slave quarters, as they’re a reminder of what Belle Vie really was, rather than what it’s become. It’s an interesting exploration of race and history and Locke handles it beautifully.

Read more from Book Review: The Cutting Season - Attica Locke at S. Krishna's Books

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