Aging Uterus Questions: Should I Have Another Baby?

Aging Uterus Questions: Should I Have Another Baby?

The medical field gets all kinds of ZOMG! OLD MOM ALERT! for the 35+ crowd when it comes to pregnancy. That's left Liz at My Asparagus Pee contemplating whether or not she wants to have another child. Her post is part funny, part self-actualized and all mothering.

She points out:

My uterus is getting old.

If it was a person, its children would be talking behind its back about whether or not to put it in a home, and drawing straws on who is going to have to let it move in with them until then. It would be slightly senile, but still in that cute, kinda funny way- and not in the sad, sloppy way. Not yet. But close. A week or so ago I turned 33 (shudder), and that means that should we want any more children, I have exactly 15 months to get a bun in the oven before modern medicine makes me tattoo "Against Medical Advice" across my stretch marked, swollen belly.


Photo Credit: joelleim.

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