Latergram Later: Lessons to Teach Kids About Being Present

Latergram Later: Lessons to Teach Kids About Being Present

Editor's Note: Stuck inside with some crazy cold temperatures, my husband and I have been trying to be mindful about the boys' time spent doing "tech" things. It's hard, but we feel it's a necessary process in parenting in this digital age. Kayla Aimee recently wrote a post in her series of letters to her daughter about being present, being mindful of others around you and living now, latergramming, well, later. I think it's a good read for all of us -- parents and kids alike. -Jenna


Dear Scarlette, Lessons in Latergramming:


I don’t want you to fear technology, not when I watched intricate machines hum next to your isolette, one taking your breaths and one recording the beat of your heart and seven others stacked atop one another feeding medication into your tiny veins that all together would work to save your life, granting me this gift of mothering you on this earth. I am grateful for skilled surgeons and wise doctors, for the prayers of facebook friends and technological advancements in medicine.

There are many perks to this age of virtual connectivity. There is beautiful community here as well as the answers to why my strawberry bush isn’t blooming (without even having to use the Dewey Decimal system.) There is your aunt on a video-call that we can see, giving us a tour of her home on different coast and watching you grow up long distance through the magic of Skype. Technology isn’t bad, Scarlette.

My hope for you though, is that your hands will hold a book more often than a tablet.


Latergram Later
Credit: Kolin Toney.


Read more from 52 Stories | Dear Scarlette, Lessons In Latergramming at Kayla Aimee: Only Slightly Neurotic

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