18 Parenting Lessons That Might Make You Laugh

18 Parenting Lessons That Might Make You Laugh

Editor's Note: It's Friday! Maybe it's been a long week. Maybe you're wondering if you'll ever get the hang of this parenting gig. Maybe you need a laugh. Whatever the case, read this post by Suburban Kamikaze. She shared some wisdom -- and humor -- about the things she's learned over 18 years of parenting. I picked two that made me snort-laugh, but you absolutely must read the rest. -Jenna

18 Parenting Lessons Learned in Only 18 Years:

4. You can spend a lot of time trying to get to the bottom of questions like "why are there marshmallows on the pool table?" but it won't improve your bank shot.

5. Be very skeptical of parenting books that promote some trendy new "system" or "method" or "way" of raising cooperative, successful and attractive children. It is virtually impossible to get kids to read these books.

Pool Table
Credit: tuba.

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