Skylar Diggs & Nike Supports the Boobs

Skylar Diggs & Nike Supports the Boobs


Since venturing into the world of fitness, I have encountered a few issues when it comes to gym wardrobe. One of my biggest issues have been finding the perfect sports bra. The proper support in a bra can be the difference between finishing a workout like a champ, or throwing in the towel because of constant readjustments and aggravation. I’m not a heavy chested woman (36 C last time I was measured), but I still demand comfort during my jogs. I don’t know a single woman who wants their chest jumping harder than they do when doing a round of jumping jacks.

Well, Nike has stepped up to the plate to solve what seems to be a problem many women face. WNBA star Skylar Diggs has been appointed spokeswoman of Nike’s Pro 360 fit system sports bra collection. Nikes innovators and designers spent 600 hours in the lab tooling over the prefect fabrics, fit, and addressing the needs of the female athlete turning out 5 different bras, ranging from Light to heavy duty support and spanning over 25 different sizes.  Available July 14th we are all sitting on the edge of or seats and counting down the days we can trade in our bras for a new upgrade!



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