Turn any Dress Into a Skirt

Turn any Dress Into a Skirt

One of my favorite things to do with any dress is to layer it up and make it look like a skirt. Layering is the key to this look, so I prefer to do this during the fall and chillier months. Since it's officially spring and it's still chilly out, you can definitely wear this now.

dress as skirt

chambray shirt and necklace


Dress /// Forever21

Chambray /// American Eagle

Floral Tank /// Urban Outfitters

Flower Necklace /// Forever21

Wedge Shoes /// Micheal Kors

I used a long-sleeved hi-lo hem dress, threw a tank over it, and then added a chambray to that. I needed something long-sleeved over the dress and tank to hide the sleeves and to give the illusion of a skirt (it would have looked weird if I hadn't).

Just the dress, which is super cute on its own. It has round gold studs down the sleeves, with a scoop-neck top.

hi-lo hem dress

See how layering it up changes the whole look? I love it. Have fun with your clothes, make multiple outfits using one item, 'cause there's no rules in fashion, do what you want.

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xox Linz