A Single Girl On A Swingers Vacation Resort

A Single Girl On A Swingers Vacation Resort

I've just booked my all inclusive trip.....
Wait, I've just booked my all inclusive trip to Jamaica....
Hold up, I've just booked my all inclusive trip to Jamaica staying at Hedonism II!!!
Holy F@CK!

As a sheltered white girl I can honestly say that I didn't even know this resort existed until a few years ago. The resort was dated, about 30 years old, but under new management and undergoing a massive facelift. However, this place is the Jamaican equivalent to the Playboy Mansion and nothing slows the party down. 

I am a single girl on a swingers vaction resort and I am so nervous as to what this week may have instore for me.

The experience started a whole month before my departure date. My blood began to warm up when I saw the itinerary of daily events. My first thought was, holy sh!t what is a Black Tape Party?

I printed off the program at work, folded it up tight and tucked it deep inside my purse. Don't want someone to accidentally see it and know where I'm going, right? Damn this is hot, I'm sneaking around and it's fun. I feel like I'm cheating, on myself, my "real world" self and I'm allowing my inner freak to show just slightly. It's damn liberating.

I read that program about a hundred times in the 1st week. Theme nights – yeeeeaaaaaaaah...........
Toga (seems easy enough), Bare as you Dare (sounds intriguing), trying to figure out what I needed to buy, and what clothing (or lack thereof – hahaha) I could borrow from friends. I highly recommend borrowing because when you return the items, you get to “Share as you Dare”.

Now that I have all my "theme" outfits, I can focus on the rest of the day. Sexy, sexy, sexy - sounds easy enough, right? HELLZ NO! I mistakenly left this important task to just a few days before leaving home, what was I thinking! I can't wear the same bikini everyday - oh right, it's Hedonism II, what bikini?? True that you can spend your days on the nude side of the beach, the party over there is next level for sure, however a girls gotta have options.

Countdown 18 hours to departure – location bedroom closet battlefield:
Internal convo: “...time to pack, 2 suitcases should be good right? Hahahaha <breeeeeeaaathe> hahahaha, wow, who’da thought a makeup bag would hold all my clothes (lingerie and bikini’s really don’t take up much space, weeeeeeeeeee) OK OK OK YA NOW, SHOES and SHINEY THINGS!!!!! Mama always said a lady is fully dressed with the right accessories and shoes – oh yeah, and lip gloss. GAWD I can’t maintain a single thread in my head, TOOOOOOO EXCITED! Need a glass of wine, ahhhhhhhh, better. Wait, maybe two. Muuuch better. Huh? When did I start drinking alone?

Sooooooo, the large suitcase holds my high heels, boots, flip flops, runners, flats. Yes?”

DEPARTURE DAY ALREADY??? OMG am I ready for this??? I haven't slept in 2 days, I'm as wound up as a fat kid when he first hears the ice cream truck a block away. The day goes by in a blur – 1st airport (excuse me sir, where's the bar?) 2nd airport (excuse me sir, where’s the bar)? Arrive Montego Bay at 6pm, I'm an official hot mess - all these thoughts about Hedonism have my engines in overdrive. Hyper stimulation. (Excuse me miss, where's the bar?)

This tipsy traveller was welcomed by wide Jamaican grins and helping hands. The airport shuttle passengers were cute and chatty, oh yes, I’m already sizing them up. YUMMMMMMMMMMY!

Entering the resort I am greeted by the effervescent Lady Dee (sexy bombshell and co-owner of the agency that booked my trip), champagne in hand and a knowing wink. Damnit, is it that obvious that I'm having a hard time not grinning like the Joker? Dee just looks at my wide eyes and smiles.

After a quick costume change (excuse me miss, where’s the bar?) I'm ready.
Nightly booty showcases - aka theme nights - are truly “pleasure-able” events. Lingerie, masks, feathers, body stockings, leather - whatever the theme is for the night, you can bet its gonna be HOT hot HOT. I'm ready to participate, goodbye inhibitions, hello inner freak!

Everyone is friendly... dancing, grinning, grinding, talking... anything goes. No pressure, just options to experience whatever your mind can conjure. Booking through AVP, I'm already at ease because I'm part of a group, and therefore have immediate friendships and someone to hang out with until I decide how/where I want the night to end.

Being a single girl on swingers vacation resort, I never felt unsafe. Co-owners, Lady Dee and Sarge, were ever present for the group and especially those of us that were newbies. It was reassuring knowing someone was looking out for me.

Day 1 to Day 7: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG “yes I know where the bar is.....cum with me.......”

The week went by in a blur, so many mind blowing events, and so many new friends. Experiences are what memories are made of and I know I’ll reminisce with a helluva smile on my face. Looking forward to meeting you soon, maybe we’ll run into each other at the bar in January – I hate to drink alone. Hedo KamaSutra Week here I come!

“Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened”


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