Travel: Simplifying Without Wasting

Travel: Simplifying Without Wasting

We travel a lot! But we stay mostly in the confines of MO-KS borders. We travel out-of-state about twice a year, either on a road trip or by plane (much less this year since Bambina is still <1). When we travel around our state, we stay with family or friends, so we don't need a bunch of things you'd normally bring. And, we're over-packers.

I have all this:

Sadly, some of it has been holed up in little Ziploc baggie in a larger travel bag for 9+ months. We don't need that much when we do travel! And by the time we travel, some of these chemical compounds might break down and we can't have crappy shampoo when out of state! So we are simplifying without wasting. I need like three of these:

To fill up with our favorite products (yet to be organic or green, but we're getting there -- baby steps, people!) and take when traveling. We usually only travel 3-4 days max at a time, and plenty of suds can fit into the airline safe bottles -- and they're reusable! #winning

But instead of wasting or dumping out these samples, we're going to use every last bit of them before stocking up on some new organic/green/brands. There are soaps, body washes, shampoos, conditioners, and toothpastes to use up. I might be surprised how long (or how soon?) a stash like this will last us. Here goes!

Have you tried to simplify any daily-usage items in your house without just pitching them? We will definitely recycle the containers when they're empty. Or have you given all your samples away? These are all products we're either currently already using, or have used before, but the plan is to go greener -- fewer chemicals -- more organic. What's your favorite organic daily use items?

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