5 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding

5 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding

Getting married is a huge step for any couple. Some are eager to tie the knot as quickly as possible, others have been together for a long time and have been letting things marinade before taking the big step (Sometimes, one member of the couple of eager to tie the knot while the other wants to wait – but that’s another story…) In any case, there are a lot of things you need to sort out before getting married, so we’ve put together this list of things to know before your wedding day.


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This is a really practical list, about very specific things that will make your wedding day a lot easier that most brides don’t even think about. This list isn’t about knowing when is the right time to get married, or anything like that, it’s simply a list of little tricks you’ll be glad you know!


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Preparing Decorations at Your Wedding

You’re going to put tons of time and energy into planning out the decorations for the dining hall, for the reception area, and maybe even for the lobby or the main entrance. Why not take a few moments to decorate in the washrooms and other areas that usually don’t get any love? A simple vase with a few flowers on the sink can go a long way! The same goes for the cocktail bar. Whoever is responsible for decorating – make sure they cover every area that people will be spending time in for that extra little touch that goes a long way.


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Avoid Hotel Stress

If you can ask a friend to take your stuff to the hotel to check in ahead of time, put your bags in your room, and make sure there aren’t any last-minute problems with the room, that can save you an absolute mountain of last minute stress. If your friend is already going to the hotel for his/her room, they’ll likely jump at the chance to help you out. It’s one less thing for you to worry about on your wedding day, so why not?


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It’s the end of the night, you’re tired, your feet hurt…

… and the last thing you want to do is to be cleaning up or packing things into a vehicle! Things like gifts, your personal belongings, cards, and maybe even your dress (if you change out of it before the end of the night) are all things that need to be loaded into a vehicle to take home. Find a trusted family member who can handle this for you, so that when the end of the night arrives and all you want to do is get back to your suite so you can melt into the hot tub, you won’t have to think about package boxes of gifts into the trunk.


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Sort Out Your Finances Ahead of Time

You’re expected to tip the staff of the event center where your wedding reception is held. Bringing envelopes ahead of time, where you can write down the names of those providing services like the DJ, the photographer, etc.  is helpful. You may want to bring some extra cash, since you won’t necessarily know all of the servers or bartenders ahead of time. This is more practical than carrying around a purse full of bills! Also, it’s a good idea to pay your vendors ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about invoices and figuring out balances on the night of your wedding.


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Plan for Perfection

Planning for the little things can go a long way, but so does asking for help and delegating that sort of stuff to the people around you. Don’t forget, you can only plan so much – eventually you’ve got to just let go and enjoy the night!


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There are countless tips,  and one of the best things you can do is talk to some friends who have gotten married already and find out what little things they wish they had thought of before it was too late.