Simple Guide to Making a Learning Basket at Home

Simple Guide to Making a Learning Basket at Home

It amazes me how quickly children grow and develop. One day you celebrate a few mumbles that sound like the word mama and soon enough they are learning their alphabet.

As a former teacher, I have been impatiently waiting to share some wonderful learning activities with my son that I used in my classroom. One activity I used frequently (especially when students were bored) was a Learning Basket.

What is a Learning Basket?

A Learning Basket is a variety of learning activities collected together. This is a convenient way to always be prepared to teach children something new. The basket is a nice way to store and organize everything you and your child need to make learning fun.

The Learning Basket is a convenient way for me seize opportunities when my son is patient enough to explore puzzles, sort flash cards, or identify new shapes.

Learning Baskets should be organized with developmentally and age appropriate activities that will ensure a positive result. They can be adjusted to present new challenges as learning progresses, or to reflect specific interests that may be unique to the learner.


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