Sight Word Search

Sight Word Search

Nixon is only 4 and a half so while I know he’s young, I still think it’s important he learns to read sooner than later.  He’s obsessed with books and will sit and ‘read’ in his room for hours if he could.  So the beginning stages of reading are sight words.  

So in an effort to make learning fun, I came up with a fun little game!  He absolutely loves it and it was fun for me to make/help him with too.

You start out with a floor plan of your house.  I made mine on using graphics software but you could easily draw one up.  I added in special touches to make Nixon recognize the rooms, like putting a little teddy bear on his bed (he’s obsessed with ‘Teddy’), add tables, chairs, windows, doors etc.

Then I created site word search.pdf, which is FREE for your to download and use with your little ones.  And I also printed out these squares and cut them out, also squares for site word search.pdf FREE printable.  

When we was playing at a friend’s house, I snuck around the house and hid the letters.  I actually hid them kind of hard on purpose.  By adding a little X on your floor plan map, he knows where to look so you have to make it interesting for them.

One by one he brought back every letter and taped it onto the clipboard.  After he finished the word we went over what it said and sounded it out.  I also had some books near by to glance through and find examples so he could point them out.

Tonight he asked me to play it again!  


Learning + Fun = My two favorite things!

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