Sex Expands Your Creativity

Sex Expands Your Creativity

We are in the midst of great reform. No longer are you a silent partner in the bedroom. Road blocks, beliefs and traditions have morphed to allow you to show your man all that you are born to be sexually and creatively. You are a caring, connecting, imaginative being that brings joy, love and life to the planet. You offer insight, intuition and softness, compassion and beauty. As acceptance of the feminine essence strengthens, you have more power to shine your sensual expression. Empowering yourself means accepting and expressing your inner beauty. You can take charge of your own sexuality and enjoy higher and higher levels of pleasure.

Sex deserves much attention; especially orgasms! Intimacy is one of the best parts of life. The world would be a happier, less violent place if we all make sex a priority. Studies show that sex raises your mood, lowers your stress level, increases oxygen throughout the body, and is good for your heart. The benefits are numerous.

An overlooked advantage of sexual bonding is a man’s ability to open you up to your authentic and creative expression.

You are a complex, emotional being who is often misunderstood. You can struggle to understand yourself. A loving partner, who truly sees you, can make you feel safe to open up to the radiant, enchanting, expressive creature that you are. Through lovemaking he can break down your walls so you can be the woman that you are capable of being. Sexual intercourse with a man accesses and stirs energy deep within you. When you trust and let down your walls, your man can penetrate to the depths of you to assist in bringing forth your inner essence. Together you two can find the sweet nectar within you. He can open doors to your inner soul that you won’t find on your own. If you can see yourself through his loving eyes, suddenly you are empowered to express all that you can radiate.

Talking about intimacy greatly helps you be less inhibited so you can express your sensual self.

The more you read, talk about, hear about, or educate yourself, the more open minded you are about it. When you know that other people do something you haven’t tried, then you may feel that you have permission to try that too. The more broad-minded you are to great intimacy, the less you are hiding the real you. Open your mind, heart and body to sexual pleasure and your soul and imagination will blossom. 

Diana Anderson coaches couples on relationship dynamics and intimacy. She is the author of Deep Sex, Always in the Mood, Your Secret Chamber and other books. Visit her at www.diana-anderson

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