How To Make Your Own Sewing Machine Cover

How To Make Your Own Sewing Machine Cover

I’ve had my sewing machine for a few years now and decided that it probably would be a good idea if I made a cover for it.  Now, I’ve admitted that I’m not the best of sewers, but I’m learning!  I thought this project would be simple, and it wasn’t too bad, but it’s definitely not for the newbie sewer.  :)  There are quite a few mistakes that I made, but overall I think that it turned our pretty cute!  I had a bunch of scraps that I used for the squares and even some leftover batting that fit almost perfectly!



  • twenty-four 5″ squares of fabric
  • 20″x30″ rectangle of fabric
  • four 8″x10″ rectangles of fabric
  • about 40″x30″ of thin batting
  • extra fabric strips for binding
  • thread
  • sewing machine



  • This is a diagram of the layout for the “front” of the cover that also contains two 8″x10″ side panels.  The back of the cover contains the batting and then the large 20″x30″ piece…as well as the other two 8″x10″ side panels.


  • Sew the “front” together according to the diagram above then sew the batting to it on the “back” side of the squares.


  • Then I did a “quilt-like” pattern on the squares to secure the layers together.
  • Pin the side panels to the square panels and you’ll have the shape of the cover in which you then stitch up the sides.
  • Place the “back” lining inside the cover and hand stitch it in different sections of the cover to secure.
  • Pin the binding in place around raw edge, and stitch in place.
  • …that’s IT!  :)

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