7 Things that Scare Me About Becoming a Mom

7 Things that Scare Me About Becoming a Mom

6. Our baby's temperament. I'm not naive. I know a baby will not be all coos and smiles. I know that babies cry, they can be temperamental, colicky...they can shriek in a way that makes the hair on your neck stand on end. It can be hard to figure out what has made them so upset and uncomfortable. I get nervous when I think about myself dealing with this. What if I can't get him to stop crying? What if nothing works? What if my beautiful pride and joy is a disagreeable little thing? Will I have the grace, the patience, the fortitude to deal with this?

7. Not knowing what to do. How will I know what he/she needs? Are the books enough? Will I grow into this role instinctively and will my motherly instincts just appear on demand, or will I be completely inept? I know this will be a huge growing and humbling experience for me. I don't like not knowing what I am doing! In my little kingdom in my classroom, I'm comfortable. I know what I'm doing; that feels good. I don't like feeling inept and clumsy. So much to learn. I don't mind learning; I'm just scared that my learning curve will negatively impact my child. I'm definitely at the back end of the bell curve.

These are my tired thoughts today. Even in my tiredness, I know that my fears do not have God factored into the equation. Really and truly, His involvement changes everything. I know He'll provide. I know He will help. I know He will give grace, patience, wisdom and everything else we need.

But even if all of these fears came true? Our baby would still be worth it.

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