Sesame Rice with Cold Cucumber, Chive and Lime

Sesame Rice with Cold Cucumber, Chive and Lime

During a recent brainstorming exercise I wrote a list of my favorite meals. Here’s part of that list:

  • Cheeseburger with Toasted Bun, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Red Onion and Mayo,
  • Tostados, like these,
  • Boiled Perogies with Bacon, Onions and a Rather Large Dollop of Sour Cream,
  • Pad Thai topped with Crunchy Bean Sprouts, Cilantro and Lime,
  • Sliced Grilled Skirt Steak on Salad with a Creamy Black Pepper Dressing,
  • Chicken Souvlaki in a Pita with Tomatoes, Olives, Tzatzki, Onions and Feta,
  • Biryani (of any kind) with lots of Raita Spooned Over Top,
  • Lasagna and Caesar Salad,
  • Peking Duck in Little Pancakes with Hoisin Sauce and Long Spears of Spring Onion and Cucumber.

As I was writing I started paying attention to my inner monologue. It went something like this:

Oh god how I love those crunchy red onions and that cold bite of pickle in a burger…Mmmm…Tostados with cold tomato and corn, warm cheese and meat…I. Want. Now…Oh my, that blast of cool fresh sour cream on perogies makes my life worth living…Please oh please don’t ever leave those twisty bits of fresh crunch off of my pad thai…What’s better than steak for dinner? Lettuce and steak sharing a fork…I want to drizzled tzatziki over everything I eat, even oatmeal…Oh and raita. I could put raita on my oatmeal too…hot tomato sauce, gooey cheese and cold garlicky romaine leaves. I’m making that for dinner tonight. Can’t. Wait….Rich duck with sticky hoisin and that bite of fresh cukes and spring onions.

I want to go to there!

What I noticed was that I’m particularly drawn to dishes that have both hot and cold parts. A new Side Dish Solution was born!

You may recall my theory from last week that one spectacular side dish can make an otherwise boring meal totally unboring. Here is another example. Steam, roast or stir fry some brocoli. Put some chicken breasts or a bit of salmon into the oven (a dash of soy sauce and black pepper to season before cooking wouldn’t hurt) and then make this easy cold-on-hot rice dish.

(Note: If you’re wondering about the “I want to go to there” part of this post, check out these snippets from 30 Rock. Liz Lemon cracks me up. I want to go to there #1, I want to go to there #2)


Recipe: Sesame Rice with Cold Cucumber, Chive and Lime


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