There are many warning signs in the profiles of men on dating sites. Obviously there are exceptions to what I am discussing but generally this is what I have found.  Keep in mind that these things might not be important to you as I am coming at this from my perspective.

If  they just stopped smoking or they are trying to stop, they smoke.  Smoking is tricky as this is an absolute deal breaker for me.  Most men that smoke and do not want you  to know it wear heavy cologne, use breath mints and have christmas tree air fresheners in their cars.  Men that smoke cigars are not much better.  They wear a thick coat of smoke on their clothes and personally, I find it very offensive.  My father used to smoke cigars in the car with his three little girls.  If I ever get lung cancer, it will be his fault.

Middle of the road political views are right wingers.  I find that many people choose middle of the road in their profile to appear neutral.  Left wingers will be honest because they do not want to be with a republican under any circumstances.   I find that the majority of people do not really understand the issues of the day  but have a knee jerk reaction to them depending on their own situation.  I was raised in a home where my mother was extremely liberal and my father was conservative.  There  was always a healthy debate going on.  My mother worked on Al Lowenstein’s campaign.  She always wrote letters to the White House and her congressmen.  I guess I followed her lead. 

Ages are rarely correct. You can figure out their real age by the music they choose.  If their music of choice is  Cole Porter, Tony Martin, jazz, Frank Sinatra etc. they are above 68 years old.  I have been able to tell much from music choices. 

It is almost an unwritten rule that people subtract up to 3 to 5 years off of their age.  Everyone wants someone younger.  Now that I am 67, I totally understand why men prefer younger women.  My legs have suddenly become crepe-like, my jowels are forming, my behind is drooping and although I have an attractive face, my body has gone to pot.  This has nothing to do with weight and working out.  I am relatively thin and fit.  I have found the men do not age in the same way unless they are obese.

Whatever height they list, subtract by 2 inches which primarily applies to shorter guys.

If they say they are entrepreneurs, they have lost their long standing job and are figuring out what to do now.  I am very leary of men in their sixties starting something new.  I realized this has been the result of a challenging recession that has plagued us. Nevertheless, it is not worth it to me to end up with a man who is trying to reinvent himself now.  I want to be with someone who does not have to reinvent himself.

If  they say they had some college, they had a few semestas.

If they say they have a few extra pounds, they are obese.  Keep in mind almost all men in their sixties are getting bellies.  Very few are in super shape that they don’t have a belly.

If they work out 2-3 times a week, they don’t work out.  I have uniformly found that most of the men do not work out.  Yes, there are the 15% on Match that do, but generally the men have tofu bodies and big bellies.  Very few men say that they never work out.


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