When you join an online dating site, you need to set up your personal profile. This is one of the most important parts of the process and  begins with fabulous photographs.  If you do not have great photos, get them.  You should have one full body shot as many men want to know your body type.  Don’t be intimidated by this as I have discovered that men want all types of bodies and it is better to be upfront about this than surprise them at the first meeting.  Some people have professional shots taken.  I find this affected and not natural.  This is my opinion, do what you want.  The head shot should be smiling.  Men want a positive, happy, upbeat woman and when you are not smiling, they make a judgement that you are not joyful.  No matter what the personality of the man, they want you to be everything they embody in their woman.  Keep in mind that they want you to be nothing like their wives that they divorced. 

Unless you are dogmatic about religion, education, height, weight, race etc.  keep things as general as possible.  This will give you a wider array of hits when men are doing their searches. 

The most important part of the profile is your “About me and who I am looking for” essay section.”  This is where you describe yourself including your personality and other things that are not indicated in the multiple choice section.  I talk a bit about where I am from, where I raised my family, a bit about my kids and my relationship with them and the kind of man I am looking for.  Here is what I have put on mine.

My photos are recent, this one 4/13, I am a young at  heart person who loves new things and tries to stay fit and healthy.  I am caring and compassionate and sensitive.  I am fun, happy, upbeat, open-minded, open to new ideas, attractive and take great care of myself.  I love dogs and most animals and try to see the good in people.

I live on the Hudson River by the Ferry and enjoy my beautiful NYC skyline.   I do spend a great deal of time on LI with my family and Westchester with my friends and Manhattan with my kids.

I really like fun, men who are confident, sensitive and kind. I am into reading, studying  languages, walking and I also like skiing (although I haven't skied in 4 years), reading, wine, food, cooking and meditation.  I have played golf and tennis but haven't in a while. I raised my kids in Westchester and continue to be very close with them.  I like to travel, study  Italian and have fun.     

I love ethnic restaurants. I love rock and roll,  jazz and zydeco. I love artsy movies.    I love American history and follow politics. I am passionate about food and cooking.

I am very perceptive and insightful .  

This is where you try to fill in the blanks.  Thing about yourself and yes, be honest.  One of the complaints I hear most from  the men  is that the women do not portray themselves accurately.






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