There are a group of guys I would never go out with.  If they have never been married, red flag, red flag, red flag.  This can also apply to men  that have been divorced for 15 or more years. Not only have they not been able to form meaningful relationships, but they also have developed extensive excentricities from being on their own.  Some of these excentricities are for example, four sets of Lionel trains in their living room, pictures on every square inch of their walls from the floor to ceiling, and MGM-like lion statues on their front lawn.

I do not go out with men who are not speaking with their kids.  I just can’t imagine what they did to their wife to cause the kids to not speak to them.  Large red flag! There has been quite a few of these men on Match.  Also, if they argue a lot with their kids, beware. 

Multiple marriages is an enormous red flag.  Unfortunately, you will not find this out on their profile.  You will have to pry by asking  how long they were married. Men who have been married to foreign women often  have issues. Foreigners do not notice personality anoamilies at first for cultural  reasons but get wise after a few years. Of course, there are exceptions to this but I have witnessed this continuously.  I noticed this the first time when I was working in Israel as a young woman and the Israeli women loved the American men I encountered.  Believe me, in New York, those men would be considered weirdos.

My pet peeve in the men’s profile is when they say “I look good or feel comfortable in black tie or jeans."  Some form of  this phrase appears in 80 percent of the profiles.  They obviously copy from other profiles  This is in the same vane as “loves sunsets”, “long moonlight walks” and “cuddling by the fire”. Give me a break!