Save The Flakes For Tony The Tiger

Save The Flakes For Tony The Tiger

Nothing bothers me more than a flakey person — whether I’m dating him/her or not. I am the queen of making plans and then being super lazy and not wanting to follow through with them. But I always do — because it’s just rude to have someone keep their schedule open for you and then leave them hanging because you decided you don’t feel like getting dressed and going out.

When the guy I’m dating is flakey…I go crazy. Why? Because the person you’re dating is supposed to want to see you above all others. They have time to go to work, family parties, and out with their friends, but can’t see you or take you out to dinner? Unacceptable.


It’s 100x worse when the guy straight out tells you he’s going to see you and then doesn’t show up. When I used to waitress and someone randomly didn’t come in it was called “No call, No show” and the person was fired. I think we should start using that logic for certain guys.

My friend Haley recently had a fight with the new guy she’s dating up at college. Apparently they had gotten into an argument, and he told Haley that he’d come to see her after he got out of class to “discuss it”. Instead of taking the bus home with her friend, she waited 6 hours for him at her apartment.


When he finally answered her text messages, he informed her that he had decided to go home for the weekend. What’s worse is that he knew she was going home that weekend, and didn’t offer her a ride and had caused her to take miss the opportunity to go with her friend.

She ended up taking the 3-hour bus ride home at night by herself because this jerk couldn’t bring himself to be a man and tell her he wasn’t coming, and broke up with him shortly after.

Have you ever dated a flakey person?

Keep on keepin' on,


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