Safety Rules for Running at Night

Safety Rules for Running at Night

Tonight we had 10k Training Day 2: Hills. Or shall I say hill.

When I left, the view was quite stunning. There was fog that surrounding the streets, and it illuminated the snow beautifully.

running at night

I put on my favorite Zooma hat and headed out.

running at night

When I got home, I did what any normal person would do and checked the elevation: 492 feet.

We ran this hill over and over for 35 minutes.

I made an executive decision and decided to buddy up with a partner. We chit-chatted the whole way which made it easier.

Three Safety Rules for Running at Night:

1. Always wear a reflector jacket/vest/light to make yourself visible. Especially to drivers and deer.

running at night

Image: USAG Humphreys via Flickr

2. Run against traffic. You want to see what’s coming for you. If they are not looking and distracted, your best bet is to step aside.

3. Run with others, especially at night. Not only will it help you stay motivated, but being in a larger group means you will also be more visible. Be a pack.

Do you like to run at night?

Amber @ Fit, Foodie Runs


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