Room of Your Own | How to Create a Kick A$$ Proposal (Room 4)

You could throw out a pitch on Twitter, but chances are that 140 characters won’t be enough to describe who you are and what you can do to adequately represent a company!  Learn how to craft pitches that effectively convey your experience and strengths so that brands can capitalize on your talents–all from established bloggers who have created successful campaigns for a multitude of companies.

Panelists include moderator Leticia Barr, along with Andrea FellmanJulie Meyers Pron, and Kelly Whalen: half of the eight-person Splash Creative Media team, and some of the brains behind Fill the BackpackAll About the Bump Month, and several other campaigns.

Andrea, Julie, Kelly, and Leticia collaborate as Splash Creative Media but also work individually to successfully pitch companies like BabyCenterLands’ EndMabel’s LabelsClever Girls Collective, and Location Labs for campaigns, conference sponsorships, speaking engagements, ad revenue, and consulting jobs.  They will share practical strategies about how to craft pitches that won’t just be noticed, they’ll be funded!