Revitalize Your Monthly Calendar by Karen Campos

Revitalize Your Monthly Calendar by Karen Campos

Revitalize Your Monthly Calendar by Karen Campos

Ah, the ritual of turning the calendar page to a fresh new month. I have noticed that those turns seem to come faster and faster. Maybe it’s because I don’t get as much done as I think a SAHM should be able to or maybe it’s because the kids seem to be nearing independence ever so quickly. Whatever the reason, I have a way to approach each month as it comes, whether I’m ready for it to arrive or not. You already know I like to “pretend” that I have things under control, so here goes, my monthly approach.

First, I focus on the month at hand putting everything down I am even remotely aware of. I even add things after the fact on the previous month so that the timing of events won’t be forgotten and can easily be referenced. “Whose turn is it to have breakfast out with Technology Man this Saturday morning?” That is a case in point as to why writing things down is my proverbial life saver and argument ender!

Next, I take a few moments to think ahead about logistics. I reference those multiple calendars and make sure the month is up to date with any changes. And now, for the unveiling of my secret organizational tool, the Post-it note! Using small Post-its, I place a 2” square on the bottom corner of each month. This allows me to jot down things that I want to remember but don’t want permanently on the calendar yet. (If you ask Technology Man, he would say that our family is mostly run with Post-it notes and Ziplocs, but that’s another whole blog post!) On those squares, I record things like, but not limited to, calling three months in advance for yearly checkups, prep for big family birthday or garage sale, checking into camp information, maintenance/tune ups around the house and pre-registration times. Once noted, I don’t have to spend one more ounce of brain power trying to remember it at any time in the future! It’s written down and I can move on. It’s very freeing!

Last, I take time to reflect as well as dream. Logistical information MUST be on the calendar, but wishes and dreams should sneak their way in too! When might that possible vacation or getaway occur? With kids? Without kids? When would be a strategic time to start a new venture with the family? Or for yourself? What about that project you really want to do? Select a day and pencil it on the Post-it. Those goals need to be seen and read or they will never find their way into actual reality! “Goals are dreams with deadlines.” so says time management guru, Diana Scharf Hunt. Write that stuff on your monthly calendar, or at least on the Post-it, so your chances of accomplishing the task will significantly increase!! There are sure to be statistics out there somewhere to back me up on that!!

There you have it. Record the month, refresh the calendar page, repeat the process, revisit those Post-its and rearrange what’s there. It gives me a grip on things, when so often time seems to slip through my fingers.

Do you like to write stuff down? How do you keep up with all you have to do in a month?



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