Respect for the Queers

Respect for the Queers

I don't understand it. Why so many people think it's so wrong to be in love with the person who holds your heart. Sure, the bible may say so, but the bible says a lot of other things too. Those who get divorces shall be stoned to death, those who have sex before marriage should be stoned to death, and that's just two of the most common violations of the word of the bible in this day and age, I'm sure the list goes on and on much further and deeper. So why, then, must we condemn the gays in our society to the point that they can't even get married or go out in public without fear of torture and ridicule?


Now, I am in no way prejudice. If you believe that gay people shouldn't have rights, good for you. As long and you respect me and my fellor queers (sorry to those who are offended by the term "queer") I won't force you do be for, or believe in something that goes against what you so choose to believe. That's right, CHOOSE. Not like us queers who didn't have a choice in the matter. Someone just said to me the other day, "Being Gay is like choosing a puppy. You really WANT to have a fluffy puppy, but then you go to the shelter and find this adorable flat coated puppy with the perfect personality to you settle for that one instead." I can't tell you how furious that made me.


Being Queer, I take pride in the fact that I am very much into women. Sure, I can date a guy from time to time, but there had only been one man I have ever fallen in love with, and though my mind is quite open, I can already tell that he is most likely the ONLY man I will ever love. To be told by people that I choose to prefer women over men is very frustrating. To know I can't even bring the woman I love (which I don't actually have one right now) home because it makes ONE of my FOUR roommates uncomfortable to know I'd be cuddling and kissing a girl makes me downright livid. She saw a picture one day of me kissing my ex-girlfriend and said "Eww, that's so gross that you were kissing her." To which I responded, "It's no different than you kissing your boyfriend. What's the big deal?" To which she says back, "He's not a girl." Okay, maybe she didn't SAY that but I could see it in the look on her face.


To me, being Queer is as simple as being born man or woman. Or trans, or androgynous, or whatever you choose to identify yourself as. It's a fact of life that people are truly born into their queerness. I have a very religious gay friend who prayed for three years for God to take away her gay, and guess what? She is still 100% gay. I figure, if God really condemned gay people, he would've turned her straight so she could live a totally normal life away from the ridicule that we queers face. I figure it's simple. Love your neighbor as you would love thyself. That IS in fact, that golden rule. What world do we live in, that people now cannot even follow that anymore?

~Butterfly Princess~

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