Gay Marriage Is Dividing Republicans

Gay Marriage Is Dividing Republicans

"Political party platforms always appeal to the edges," Galen told The Wall Street Journal. "Those are often the most ideologically driven."

But Pick and her fellow advocates remain steadfast, though they know the climb is steep and all uphill.

"With the speed at which public opinion is shifting on this issue, which will only increase as more couples win the freedom to marry in states nationwide, it is not hard to imagine that by 2016 vocal opposition to the freedom to marry will be a strong negative among a majority of voters," Pick told BlogHer. "For the minority of voters who will continue to oppose marriage equality, the choice will be to live and let live, or to lose elections, plain and simple."

Erica Holloway is a Republican contributing editor for BlogHer, covering politics and news. Contact her at erica (at) galvanized strategies (dot) com. Follow her @erica_holloway.



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