The Reasons I Cried on Mother's Day

The Reasons I Cried on Mother's Day

I feel rather silly admitting this, but I cried on Mother's Day.

Apparently, it really hit me how life has changed.

I cried because I am missing my dad, even more with each passing year. I missed the excitement of being a kid on a holiday, all excited to go see relatives that I thought would live forever. Then, I cried because I missed my grandmothers, great-grandmothers and my great-aunts. 

I cried because I missed my own brood being little. I miss their hand-made cards, proclaiming me as "The Best Mom Ever." As exhausting as it was, I miss them being little and creating big messes as they ran through the house.

I cried for my friends and cousins and people I don't even know who miss their mothers. I cried for the women who graciously gave babies up for adoption. I cried for the women who have tried to have children and can't. I cried for the women who had miscarriages and the mothers whose babies are in intensive care. I cried for the mother's who lost children in car accidents.

I cried for the mothers of service members who lost their children in war. I cried for the mothers who are deployed and miss being with their babies.

I cried for a former co-worker's family, who are observing Mother's Day without her, as she died of cancer a few days ago. I cried for the mothers who are bravely holding their child's hand through illness.

I cried for the women whose daughters have been kidnapped and sold into slavery. I cried for the mothers of run-a-ways. I cried for the mothers of addicts.

Not all my tears were out of sadness.

I also cried for the new moms who are celebrating their first Mother's Day.

I cried because I have four healthy children and two healthy grandchildren.

I cried because I can spend time with my mother and mother-in-law on Mother's Day.

I cried when I pictured my granddaughters serving my daughter breakfast in bed. I cried remembering my first "kid-made" breakfast in bed - a barely-warm, frozen waffle floating in syrup paired with a bowl of sugar-coated cereal. I ate every delicious bite.

Am I a sappy, sentimental soul? You bet I am. I think I get worse with time, because life moves too fast.

When I look at what is going on in the world around me, I am truly humbled.

And then I cried, because I know just how incredibly blessed I am.

© - Lynne Cobb 2014

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