Real Life Snakes on a Plane

Real Life Snakes on a Plane


It's Friday and I'm feeling a bit better. We bought tires for my car and they were installed today, so I can sigh a big sigh of relief. The wires or threads or whatever those things are called were beginning to show through, and since I drive 40 minutes each way on the highway twice a week for therapy, I was starting to stress about it.

There's nothing quite like anxiety, especially when you are driving a car and having car anxiety. The anticipation of a tire blowing and imagining the worst possible scenarios in your head over and over aren't particularly soothing. But it's fixed, so YAY!

Tonight I think I'll go a little lighter than my previous few posts and share a little bit about myself. So I'm going to start posting Ten Things You May Not Know About Me.... I don't think I can come up with all of them at once, so here's a teaser.
  1. When I was in college (college aged, anyway) I worked at a summer camp for three summers. It was such an awesome experience, and I would recommend it to any college student without hesitation. One summer, a friend of mine who was in charge of the animal shack (I can't remember what they called it) convinced me that I really wanted a pet snake. I guess it was a time in my life when I was boldly facing fears or something, but I enthusiastically agreed that I should take a snake home from camp. Never mind that camp was in West Virginia and home was in Colorado. After calling several airlines and shipping places, I found that snakes aren't exactly easy to transport. No one would ship it, and no one would allow it on the plane. Well, I just thought maybe my friend would forget about the fact that I had agreed to take a snake home. Not so much. On the last day of camp, she handed me a pillowcase with Domino, the friendly ball python inside. What to do.... Being a dumb (naive?) college student, I just figured I'd stick it in my pocket.  Which is what I did. I went through airport security with a snake in my pocket and no one suspected a thing. I think it was probably a good thing this was pre 9/11. Anyway, Domino and I made it safely to Colorado without incident. 

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