This Ramadan, I'm Fasting With My Muslim Boyfriend

This Ramadan, I'm Fasting With My Muslim Boyfriend

I fasted with him again last year, though that time, it was more for me than for him. It was extremely difficult and I was unable to fast in the way that I wanted to-- I was totally unprepared and approached fasting in ways that weren't the most supportive of the challenge. I did, however, find myself connecting more with that voice inside of me that I feel had been quieted for some time. People of all faiths and spiritual inclinations choose fasting as a means of connecting to an alternative consciousness, as the deprivation alters chemical balances in the mind and body. This definitely happened for me and I embraced it, as I felt myself achieving clarity on so many issues.

This year, I'm committing to a better fast. At first I wasn't going to do it because I was concerned about the effect on my metabolism. I've been trying to lose weight and was concerned that a month of fasting would throw off my progress. Ultimately, I decided to fast and commit in a way I haven't before. Ramadan is important to him, but it has become quite important to me, too. I found myself becoming excited and prepping for our times together during the fast-- waking him up for suhoor, laughing/praying through the hunger pangs, and preparing a bountiful iftar for him.

I'm happy to share in this tradition with him, especially as I find my way and walk towards reverting to Islam myself. I've been able to connect with so many wonderful Muslim women online and they inspire me daily. I feel closer to being "home" and more connected to the love of my life than ever before.


Ramadan Mubarak!


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