Radio Prank Gone Awry: Kate Middleton Nurse Found Dead, DJs Respond

Radio Prank Gone Awry: Kate Middleton Nurse Found Dead, DJs Respond

The tragic news broke on Friday: Jacintha Saldanha, a nurse at King Edward VII Hospital who answered a prank phone call from two Australian radio DJs posing as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles during the Duchess of Cambridge's stay for Hyperemesis Gravidarum, was found dead of an apparent suicide.

According to reports, the nurse spoke with the radio duo for a few moments before transferring them to a nurse on Kate's ward who gave some limited information about the Duchess's condition. There is little information being reported on the last few days of Saldanha's life -- what took place between the prank call and the discovery of her body -- Kate and William are said not to have complained about the call, and the hospital made a statement claiming it "had been supporting her during this difficult time." Likewise, little mention has been made of Saldanha's mental health status prior to the unfortunate phonecall.

This morning, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, the two Australian DJs behind the hoax, spoke to Australia's Today Tonight.

Some are calling for the heads of the two DJs on a platter. I've never been a fan of practical jokes myself, but I can't imagine that anyone ever could have dreamed of such an outcome. I'm shattered for Saldanha and her family -- which includes a devastated husband and two teenage children. I'm heartbroken for Greig and Christian, both still very much at the beginning of their own lives. Our minds can be scary places when left to their own devices and regardless of the reality of her situation, I shutter to think how alone Saldanha must have believed she was to take her own life. Likewise, I fear for the mental well being of Greig and Christian as they struggle to process this unforseeable tragedy and the effect it will have on them.

Love each other. It's the only thing we can do.

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