Queen Latifah Scored a People's Choice Honor as Awards Season Begins

Queen Latifah Scored a People's Choice Honor as Awards Season Begins

Best moment from last night's People's Choice Awards was when Queen Latifah, a BlogHer favorite who wowed the Voices of the Year audience at BlogHer '13, won the award in the "Best New Talkshow Host" category. She and other winning stars and shows, including Justin Timberlake, The Good Wife and Ellen DeGeneres, thanked their fans and agents, Instagrammed their red carpet bling and in general gave us all a warm welcome to awards season.

Queen Latifah at the People's Choice Awards
Image: © D. Long/Globe Photos/ZUMAPRESS.com

They are televised along with a red carpet, but truthfully People's Choice awards don't pack a lot of energy. You can predict the winners during the first camera pan of the audience as runners-up don't attend (they are too busy firing their publicists.) Most honorees don't even try to pretend they are surprised, and the ones who do end up looking sort of silly. They've lost relevancy over the years, and the CBS self-promotion was very heavy-handed. 

Still, it's fun to see our television and movie friends interacting with each other and voicing appreciation for fans.  My favorite moments from the show included hearing Julianna Margulies heap praise on an absent Josh Charles for his work as her leading man in The Good Wife and seeing Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy accept their award for The Heat. It's such a coup when women score in comedy categories. 

It was also cool to see Sarah Michelle Gellar accept an award for The Crazy Ones and dedicate most of her time to thanking her old team from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.   You can wait a long time in Hollywood for recognition and overnight success.

Meryl Streep at National Board Review Awards
Image: © Kristin Callahan - Ace Pictures/Ace Pictures/ZUMAPRESS.com

Another start to awards season was the National Board Review Awards earlier in the week.  Meryl Streep's eloquent tribute to Emma Thompson made the news for her direct hits on the misogyny and racism of Walt Disney. Meryl's entire, beautiful honeybadger of a speech is well worth a read.

Meryl's brilliance and the glam of the People's Choice Awards have me primed for the Golden Globe Awards which will be broadcast this Sunday, January 12th. Please tell me you are dialing in to see Amy and Tina, to see all of our shiny friends from television and movies drinking together, and to Tweet your thoughts along with us! Study the nomination list if you have some quick catch-up viewing or bets to make first. 

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