Can You Spot the Fake Food Truck?

Can You Spot the Fake Food Truck?

What was Pun Day before there were food trucks, and their limitless appetite for memorable Twitter handles?

food truck
Image: Gary Soup via Flickr

Apparently, if you remember a truck's name, you'll want to eat there -- even if the name is unappetizing. Or downright tasteless. Or (by far the most common) a terrible, terrible pun. So let's march forth with a Pun Day quiz: Can you tell the real food truck from the fake?

(Real truck: Found on Google, backed up with links and pics whenever possible. Fake truck: Made up with friends at Soma Streat Food Park in San Francisco, which was pretty much the best party game ever. No hits on Google -- and hey, truck entrepreneurs, I would be happy to negotiate a deal.)

Let's get started!


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