The Probability of Continuity

The Probability of Continuity

After celebrating a month of daily blogging, just yesterday, I am now committing to blogging every day in December.

I know what you might be thinking -

Why, after complaining about being too busy to post everyday last month, would I submit myself to another month of torture?

Why, of all months, commit to the month that includes Christmas parties, Christmas and New Years Eve?

- and, lastly -

Just plain ol why?

My answer is really quite simple.

Blogging every day ensures that I stay committed to writing. That's very important to me. Participating in last month's blogging challenge helped me focus on my writing goals.

Before last month, I was journaling and throwing occasional darts at my novel but I wasn't moving forward. My commitment to writing, however, made it crystal clear that I needed help with my novel and hiring a writing coach was the best decision I could have made.

Blogging every day also forces me to practice my craft and it keeps the creative juices flowing.

Could I achieve all this without daily blogging? I don't know. What I do know is I'm growing as a writer. For years, I've compared what works for me to what works for others and, more times than not, I'm just different.

So, just like I recently decided to stop beating myself up because I'd rather write my novel longhand than type it, I'm going to opt out of questioning why daily blogging has rejuvenated my desire to recommit to my novel.

Today, longhand and daily blogging works...I'm okay with that.

We can talk about what works for the new year when we get there.

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