6 Ideas to Prepare Young Kids for the First Day of Preschool

6 Ideas to Prepare Young Kids for the First Day of Preschool

The first day of school is kind of a big deal, especially for preschoolers. Leaving the comfort of home isn't easy, but it’s a huge milestone for both kids and parents. Prepare for the first day of school by creating an exciting, positive experience at home. It's important to help kids feel confident and ready to tackle a new experience. Follow these tips to prepare for a great first day of school:

Ideas to Prepare Kids for Preschool Sugar Tot


Pretend to play school at home. Ask your child's teachers for a sample copy of the daily schedule and follow a similar schedule at home so your child knows what to expect on their first day of school. Set up their playroom as a classroom. Hang an alphabet chart on the wall and print out coloring sheets. Pretend to be the teacher, as your child practices to be the student. Here are some great learning activities you can do with your kids at home. They will learn to understand the role of teacher versus student. “Playing” school will just feel like regular play time to them and get them feeling confident for their first day of school.

Create a graduation ceremony at home. Let them know that they have successfully accomplished “mommy's stay-at-home preschool,” and now it’s time to celebrate before they move on to "big kid preschool.” It will make them feel special, build their confidence, and allow them to feel proud of themselves. This is a great opportunity to explain to them that finishing school is a big accomplishment. Make your own cap and gown and diploma and take lots of pictures.

Let them choose their school gear. Allowing them to choose gives them a sense of responsibility as a “big kid.” Plus, getting to choose their backpacks and lunch boxes for their first day of school will get them excited. There are tons of cool choices, and if you want to stay within a budget or certain style, create a list of mom-approved backpacks that they can choose from.

Show them a picture of you as a child in preschool. It will give them a sense of security to see that mommy and daddy have gone through it as well. Plus, you'll get a good laugh out of it.

Have a first day of school party. Decorate and prepare a special pancake breakfast or afternoon party. This is a great option for you hostess with the mostest moms. Here are some cute first day of school party ideas. Let them know it's a big exciting day, and when he/she gets home from school he’ll have his favorite dinner prepared for him to celebrate his first day of school. This gets them excited to go to school in the morning, but also gives them something to look forward to when they get home.

Make a Pinterest Board of “School Activities” Pin activities that he would typically do at school. See my Kids Activities & Learning Games Board on Pinterest for Preschool activity ideas. A week before school let him/her choose an activity a day today. This will get him excited and prepared for his first day of school.

Along with the fun activities for kids, preparation and a calm positive home environment is key for creating a great first day of school experience.


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