The power of twitter

The power of twitter

I like to socialize. If it weren't for the Internet, I think I would have found being a mom very difficult. The truth is, we don't often get babysitters to go out for a night on the town. But message boards, MSN messenger and more recently twitter have given me the opportunity to have an active social life from the comfort of my basement and my PJs.

When I attended BlogHer 09 last weekend for the first time and survived, I was reminded over and over again of how amazing twitter is. 

Ordering a Pepsi

I was sitting at the morning keynote on Saturday with Tara from Feels Like Home (@FeelsLikeHome) who was live blogging the morning session. As she typed furiously, almost making a transcript of the session, she also managed to send a DM to Pepsi which resulted in the Pepsi butler making his way over to our table with a tray of drinks for her to choose from with her twitter name written on the tray. 

Tracking Down a Missing Friend

The same morning, sitting at the same table, there was a desperate call for help from Mrs. Flinger (@mrsflinger):

Has anyone seen @sarcasticmomlc ? She didn't come home. Text or DM me please!

The after the tweet being retweeted over and over again through the BlogHer09 crowd, came this tweet 32 minutes later:

.@sarcasticmomlc is all good. Is in company of @karensugarpants. Thank you. Call off APB.

I was thinking how glad I was that they found her and how glad I was that my mom didn't have twitter when I was in high school. 

Finding a Toy Store

The swag was great. I got lots of fun stuff I could bring back to my kids, but unfortunately they had put in specific requests before I left and I had made promises, so I had to go out in search of a toy store in Chicago. My usually reliable source of information, Google, told me that there was an FAO Schwartz in Macy's and gave me the address. So I grabbed a map from the Concierge and started walking. Um...Google...WRONG! The FAO Schwartz closed when it was bought by Toys R' Us.

So, with Google having let me down and the sales woman at Macy's not being particularly helpful in guiding me to another toy store, I tweeted:

in search of a toy store in downtown Chicago - FAO schwartz is no longer here #BlogHer09


And my call was answered! AJ Loves to Lose (@ajlovestolose) passed along my tweet to @explorechicago who replied with:

@phdinparenting Try the Galt Toy Store @ 900 N Michigan Ave mall; Also on Mag Mile: American Girl Pl Lego Store, Disney Store. #blogher09

Exactly what I needed. Thank you @ajlovestolose and @explorechicago. 

Getting a Beer Recommendation

On Saturday evening, I was at BowlHer with a bunch of my blogging buddies and felt like having a beer. I tweeted:

At #BowlHer. Really want a beer, but I don't like American beer (Canadian beer snob). #BlogHer09


I figured I would sulk a bit and then eventually order something other than a beer to drink and then one of my local tweeps, Laurie from Not Just About Cancer (@lauriek) replied with a beer recommendation for me:

@phdinparenting go with the local brews. there is a local ipa and a white beer called blue moon. both are really good.

The blue moon was excellent! Great choice by Laurie. 

Not Eating Lunch Alone

Over and over again during the conference I used twitter to track down my friends and figure out where we were going to meet for parties or meals. But on the way home, I was at Midway airport and fully expecting to have to eat alone when I tweeted:

pondering the lunch options at Midway Airport

But then came this:

@phdinparenting where are u???

A few tweets later and Amanda from High Impact Mom (@HighImpactMom) and I were chatting while I chowed down my Mexican food. 

I'm impressed

Twitter is now my go to place for any and all questions! Or at least a starting point.

What amazing things has twitter done for you? 

Annie blogs about the art and science of parenting at PhD in Parenting. She is very afraid of her Rogers bill after all the tweeting at BlogHer. 


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