The Power of Pecans

The Power of Pecans

I made some paleo banana bread muffins today for my kids's lunch for the week.  They're easy and tasty and chock full of pecans and raisins.   I don't ever binge on the paleo baked goods.  I like them and enjoy them, but don't have a need to eat more and more.  They're good to have around the house.

Pecans are a whole different story.

I opened up the container of pecans, and while baking, I had a few.  And a few more.  And a few more.  By the end, I'd had quite a bit.  They're just so darn good and easy to eat!  Ah well - at least they're full of something healthy and nutritious and it's far better to binge a bit on pecans than on peanut m&m's.  

I have lost a few pounds, but our scale is so goofy that I don't really know what I've lost.  Plus, there's that bloated weight that goes up and down so quickly, but I do know that the scale is back again under the 150 mark.  Phew!  Now if I can just get it down below the 140 mark.  That's the next goal.  And it will be a hard one to work on while traveling for three weeks, but it will still remain as my next achievable goal and when I return from the trip, I will just buckle down again and know I can do it.

The exercising and the sunny days have helped.  We still have below freezing temperatures, but being able to get outside and walk and go to the gym has made me feel back in control.

I went to the gym Saturday and did a good muscle workout with some cardio.  I took yesterday off, but unfortunately today I am still taking off!  Eeek - I need to rethink this scenario.  I have no desire to go do Jillian, but I could probably manage a good 30 minute walk after work tonight and that will count.  I could also probably get in 8 minute abs and maybe some lunges or squats.  I will do it.  No flaking from me.

And now I shall go make a cup of tea and hope my physical body soons feels as excited for these thoughts as my mental thoughts!


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