Plugging Along and Singing My Song

Plugging Along and Singing My Song

Crock pot chicken last night with mashed cauliflower and kimchi.  Buffalo chicken egg muffins for lunch today along with a Kombucha and spinach salad.  Dinner will be bison, spinach, and sweet potatoes that the kids chose.  A friend asked me to lunch and I declined.  I went to the store and saw the donuts and passed them by.  I don't usually buy the donuts, but they were nonetheless calling my name.

Two nights ago I dreamed of eating lots of cupcakes.   It's good dreams are not our real life.  I don't even really care for cupcakes.

I went to yoga last night.  I had a 60 minute walk today at a three-year-old's pace.  It wasn't a fast clip by any means, but it still counts.  If I get a chance this afternoon, maybe I'll throw in some 8 minute abs.   Those have always made me feel better when I do them consistently.  

So it looks like I'm totally on track and doing great and should be thinner and healthier by the time I travel, but ha - things aren't ever that smooth.   That's okay - I certainly feel better when I eat better and exercise.  It gives me hope that things really will improve and I far prefer feeling hopeful to hopeless.

I haven't been entering foods into My Fitness Pal so I don't really know what my calories are.  I know my foods are all healthy and good and free of additives and added sugars, but they still have calories.  So today, I will break out my phone app and start plugging in some numbers.

And now I'm off to go make some tea and begin working on a project.

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