Play the BlogHer '14 Selfiebration Game and Win! Fabulous! Prizes!

Play the BlogHer '14 Selfiebration Game and Win! Fabulous! Prizes!

As you may have heard, we're having a little Selfiebration this week in San Jose! And in keeping with that theme, we can't wait to see the flood of beautiful, hilarious, awesome selfies that will stream to various screens around the conference venue—and also flow from within the walls of the convention center out to the broader BlogHer community via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, our blogs, and every other social platform. 

Not that you all need any extra incentive, but this year at BlogHer Food we introduced a Selfie Game that was so much fun, we're doing it again at BlogHer '14.

There will be prizes. There will be fun. And, oh yes, there will be selfies.



How to play:

The simple approach: Take selfies throughout the conference and post to Twitter using two hashtags: #BlogHer14 and #Selfiebration.

To be eligible for the Grand Prize: Take selfies throughout the conference and post to Twitter using two hashtags: #BlogHer14 and #Selfiebration … AND make sure you take and post one selfie at each of eight (8) Official Selfiebration Stations.

The Official Selfiebration Stations (to be eligible to win the Grand Prize):

Five Official Selfiebration Stations are in the Expo Hall (The Expo Hall map in the mobile app will highlight the Expo Selfiebration Stations):

  • Bridgestone Booth 101 
  • Hairfinity Booth 519
  • Lysol Booth 325
  • Skype Booth 111 
  • The Mrs. Booth 401

Three Official Selfiebration Stations are at other key (fun) moments in time during the conference:

  • Post a selfie on Friday night from any suite party at the Hilton
  • Take a picture of your lunch at the Saturday Lunch keynote, featuring a musical performance by The Mrs and, of course, Ms. Kerry Washington!
  • Post a selfie from our fantastic Closing Party, brought to you by McDonald's and featuring Rev Run from Run-D.M.C.

What you can win:

Throughout the conference, we will randomly draw qualifying selfie tweets that use the two required hashtags. We have a cache of prizes donated by our Official BlogHer '14 Sponsors, each valued at a minimum of $100. (See the prize list at the official rules page.)

The Grand Prize: A MacBook Air, courtesy of Team San Jose, our host city representative organization! 

How winners will be announced, and collect their prizes:

We will tweet out winners from @BlogHer throughout the conference and tell you where to go to collect your prize (typically, to the booth of the sponsor providing the prize). You do not need to be present to win, so if you don't collect your prize on site, we will connect you to the sponsor providing the prize to have it sent to you.

In addition to the 8 Official Selfiebration Stations, there will be many other great spots for a selfie photo opportunity, and we'll be streaming your selfies on screens around the site. We can't wait to see them!

Again, official rules here.

Any questions?

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