A Planner Just For ME

A Planner Just For ME

A blog planner is great for keeping track of blog events, holidays, life events, and other blog related tasks. I use mine for scheduling posts throughout the month, proof reading and editing posts, ensuring I cross-post to BlogHer, share any posts I've written on social media (like Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest), any notes or ideas I have for posts, ideas I get from others that might help at home, and even keeping track of my blog stats.

Partly because I like what I like when it comes to a planner and partly because I wanted something that was completely mine, I created my own, complete with a logo watermark!

plannerWe had a great planner cover that I could use.

I had the pages printed, cut to size, and bound at a local office store.

I started using it last month and it has been tremendously helpful for all I intended it to be!!

Now I can see an entire month, complete with color coding to help me know at a quick glance when an event occurs, so I can plan for it ahead of time to keep me from frenzied thoughts and fitting it into my day at the last minute.


But, I also have daily/weekly pages to keep track of individual tasks or activities. I derive many of those activities from the monthly planner, which keeps me on top of future posts or events, things I want to try out, and just basic to-dos.

Since I had so much fun and it really wasn't that difficult, I've even considered making some printables or offering to help others create their personalized planner. What do you think? Would you like printables or a personalized planner for yourself or your blog?

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