A Picture's Worth More Than Words, It's Worth Real Estate

A Picture's Worth More Than Words, It's Worth Real Estate

As a new blogger, I remember being overwhelmed with all the obstacles placed between me and my desire to write. While I thought it was as simple as creating a blog, someone somewhere said I'd be a failure if I didn't lure every soul on the internet to my domain.

And, it wasn't enough that I had to trick them into coming, I also had to have shiny things for them to play with so they'd stay longer.

It's too Much!

One expert told me to use keywords, another said it was important to monetize and another said, forget all that, links were the yellow brick road to success. Too green to balk at anyone's advice, I dabbled in a lot of things. If it promised to create a bigger, better blog, I was in.

As a matter of fact, my more than four years of blogging has included SEO, ads, the sprinkling of keywords, feeds, AdWords, pictures, HTML, CSS, links, only commenting on blogs similar to mine, both premium and free themes, Alexa, social media (and all its minions), meta tags, plugins, email subscriptions, bullets, lists, advertising and widgets.

Just to name a few.

Though I eventually abandoned everything for the sake of sanity, I can honestly say, most of the online gurus were right. These things are important, in varying degrees, to the success of your blog.

Did Something Change?

Today, however, I saw something in a different light. While strolling through my Bloglovin' feed, I noticed that the posts with pictures were easily three times bigger than mine.

While this was most noticeable on BlogHer's posts, it was the same with every post that included a picture. They just stood out. And, sandwiched between what seemed to be billboards, were the posts without pictures. To be honest, if I didn't know I published something yesterday, I can't say I would have noticed my own post.

Enough with Excuses

Now, I love pictures and I love words. So, of course, pictures with words have a special place in my heart. However, I don't love wading through pages and pages of pictures trying to find the right one. At least that was my excuse before today's discovery.

As of now, I totally get Pinterest and I'm back on the bandwagon of including a picture on every post. Even if it's the picture related to this month's NaBloPoMo challenge, it's better than being sandwiched between two heavy weights with nothing.

Of course, I would get this revelation two days after my credits expired on Fotolia.

Now, picture that.

Are you adding pictures to your posts? What has been your experience? Any advice for a newbie?

NaBloPoMo December 2013


SabrinaBlogs at Much Needed Advice for Women.

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