The PG-Rated Insult Generator – Because Sometimes Even Mom Needs To Name Call

The PG-Rated Insult Generator – Because Sometimes Even Mom Needs To Name Call

A few days ago I came across this totally hilarious and offensive Insult Maker while Stumble-ing some pages.  Click only if you are interested in R-rated insults:  The Ultimate Insult Creator.

I read over it for several minutes luxuriating and cracking myself up with some of the insults I came up with.  This got me thinking about how much it stinks that I have to dial it back because I have kids, and can no longer curse at my leisure.  I’m not a big foul language user, but sometimes I like to let it fly, however, instead have to stifle myself because I don’t want my kids putting ‘pompous shit canoe’ in the vault and using it at Thanksgiving dinner.

Whether its name calling of another driver, badmouthing a nosy neighbor behind their back, or just retelling a story featuring general idiots I encounter throughout the day, it would be nice to have a few good PG insults at my disposal.  Enter the PG Insult Generator.  Select 1 word from each column and voila!

PG Insult Generator

Warning – limit use of the PG Insult Maker insults to 5 or less a week as your child might start mimicking you.  Although it is better than the alternative, calling someone an ‘crusty fudge shingle’ probably won’t go over too well at preschool.



Susan Maccarelli

Blogger: Pecked To Death By Chickens



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