Paul Rodriguez III, aka P-Rod, a Child’s Skateboarding Hero

Paul Rodriguez III, aka P-Rod, a Child’s Skateboarding Hero

P-Rod (as he is known to his fans) is a professional skateboarder. He is the son of Paul Rodriguez, Jr., the well-known Mexican-born, stand-up comedian/actor. This 27-year-old distinguished talent is also a “hero” to many young skateboarding fans. And though he is the son of a famous Hollywood personality, he is still down-to-earth and totally approachable, as this young man proved on Thursday, October 18, 2012, (by invite-only) at Lake Cunningham Regional State Park, in San Jose, California, while filming a commercial.

Paul Rodriguez III, aka P-Rod, a Child’s Skateboarding Hero_1

Andrew-Jordan with P-Rod (Paul Rodriguez III)

To his credit to-date, P-Rod has won a total of six medals for his skateboarding abilities, four of them being gold. This year, 2012, P-Rod took part in AT&T’s skateboarding competition, and won. As the winner of the competition he would be featured in a promotional video.

Paul Rodriguez III, aka P-Rod, a Child’s Skateboarding Hero_2

Elijah with P-Rod (Paul Rodriguez III)

P-Rod is known for being a very confident and consistent skateboarder, performing some really incredible moves. And he very rarely takes a spill to the ground. So this is the young man that my two grandsons model after, and were on “cloud 9” since receiving a personal invite to meet their “hero,” even though they are only ages 9 and 11 years-old, considered still too young to participate. The park had originally ruled to invite just a handful of skateboarders, and above 15 years of age, but made the exception for Jordan and Elijah, already hardworking, committed skateboarders.

According to my oldest grandson, Jordan (11-years-old), “P-Rod is my hero. He is an awesome skater. He’s worked hard, and did it all on his own.” And so Jordan’s mother believes him to be a great role model. P-Rod even made a comment, at the park, about how he and Jordan were wearing matching shirts, which is seen in the picture they posed for together.

When my youngest grandson, Elijah (9-years-old), boldly walked up to P-Rod and confidently asked if he, too, could have a picture taken with him, P-Rod answered, “Sure brother, let’s do it!” Elijah thinks him “a very cool guy!”

Another highlight of their afternoon was being asked to show off their skateboarding moves, which they did, and did manage to impress the onlookers. And when Jordan was asked if he could do a specific move that he’d actually never done before (though he neglected to tell them this), he nailed it like a pro!

Jordan and Elijah practice skateboarding almost every single day. And they head out to Cunningham Park at least a couple of days a week, spending a good 2-3 hours at a time under the watchful eyes of their mother and father. And, while practicing at Lake Cunningham Park, they have been thrilled to meet other skateboarding greats: Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, and Evelyn Abad. These people, too, are their role models and heroes.

We dream a life to be; we live to dream that life! (vka)

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