Passions: ROYO - Gen Y Passionistas: Making Your Passion “Work” For You

Gen Y has a reputation for a totally different attitude towards work, play and passion...and the interplay between them than the rest of us. If you've been dreaming about pursuing your passion, your social media savvy already gives you a leg up. Come learn and discuss ways to make your passion “work” for you as you map out your dream career or business venture. Two twenty-something women, Jenn Korducki and Jill Felska, will provide insight into their journey from junior account executives at one of Ad Age’s Top 10 PR Agencies of the Decade to full-fledged entrepreneurs. Topics to be discussed include: determining when is the right time to venture out on your own, social media and your passion, financial and insurance issues, and the distinction between owning your job vs. owning your business. We can’t wait to start the conversation!