Party Pooper

Party Pooper

My husband is a party pooper. What I mean by that is that he thinks republicans are great and democrats are awful. This drives me nuts, especially since I'm so middle-of-the-line. I vote for the person not the party line. Any time there's a scandal on the news, he'll blame the democrats. Poor economy? The liberals. He even ordered a conservative newspaper, though he doesn't read it. He's forcing his views on me.

Fortunately, politics is not something I care enough to really argue about. The only time it really frustrates me is when he stomps his feet about watching a movie with someone like Jane Fonda, Sean Penn or Barbara Streisand. I think boycotting a movie because of one actor's political views is irrational. Yet, when I think about it, for years, I myself was irrational with my political views. I detested politicians who cheated on their spouses. I guess I looked at one aspect of the politician's life, and, for me, it overshadowed anything else good they did for their constituents, their country. I felt they should be good role models. One moral flaw would destroy my view. But my husband's irrational view on liberals changed all that.

Now I just laugh it off. It's another reason to tease each other. I just accept he's a party pooper. He's always going to say crap about the liberals, and it feels good not to care.




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