7 Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Teachers' Gifts this Holiday Season

7 Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Teachers' Gifts this Holiday Season

Gift. Cards.

If you want to give your child's teacher a bit more of a "gift" than just stuff for the classroom, go with gift cards. That way the teacher can decide to spend on self or class or both. I love to give Amazon gift cards, but you can also hit up local retailers that would also benefit from your holiday money. Win win for all.


I know your schedule is incredibly busy. So is mine. So is your child's teacher's schedule. Make time during the slippery slope into the holidays to volunteer at school. Maybe you only have 30 minutes on a random Tuesday. That's fine. Offer. If your child's teacher is one who isn't keen on volunteers, spread it out to the rest of the school and hit the library or the cafeteria or some place else that could use a little help.

And, let me give you one last idea if you're like many who have to budget the holidays and can't seem to fit in a gift for teacher this year:

Say Thank You.

Say it sincerely, even if it's been a rough first half of the year. Say thank you for the long hours and the hard work of teaching not only your child, whom I'm sure is an angel, but many other children, all of whom are probably hellions, right? Say thank you for a job that is often thankless. Say thank you for putting up with your incessant emails and questions and notes and general interference. Say thank you for your ambivalence. Say thank you. Mean it.

These are just some out-of-the-box teacher gift-giving ideas that could brighten a hard-working teacher's holiday season. If you've given something that isn't quite pinnable, share it with us in the comments. We're all looking for little ways to thank our kids' teachers this holiday season, so help us out.


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