Jennifer Lawrence, Our Latest "It" Girl: 5 Reasons I'm Glad I'm Not Her

Jennifer Lawrence, Our Latest "It" Girl: 5 Reasons I'm Glad I'm Not Her


jennifer_lawrence_0913_vogue_us_01Warning:  Following content contains a more than average dose of sarcasm:

Jennifer Lawrence:  Our newest "it" girl; one we have raised to amazing heights, put on an impossible to maintain pedestal and shortly, I fear, one whom we will decide is rapidly approaching our tipping point of goodwill. Thank goodness I'm not her and just a 50 year- old mom at home in suburban NJ.

Here are my 5 reasons I'm so glad I'm not her:

1.  She's too "perfect pretty":  We all know it when we see itthat effortlessly chic, relatable, likable, and non-threatening pretty. Jennifer's look suggests girl-next-door accessibility. Women aspire to it and men love it. The poor thing, if only she were just pretty, but, nope, she's "perfect pretty."

2.  She's too talented:  Everything she touches seems to turn to gold; yet, she admits she's had very little acting training.  Let's be honest, nobody appreciates natural talent.  She's like that kid who moves into town, tries out for the first time ever and replaces your kid on the cheerleading squad after you've spent four years of your time and money on tumbling lessons and private trainers. It's getting too hard to call her a one hit wonder or a's too bad she's not mediocre; it might mitigate her "perfect pretty" problem.

3.  She's got too much charisma; the "it" factor: She is a natural and makes us really believe she's just a regular girl. We don't wonder who she is in real life because she is real life. Since most people don't believe they can be themselves and be liked, at some point we will have to assume it's all fake if only to make us feel better.  Someone needed to tell her that being herself was a mistake.

4.  She's too brave:  She risked playing Katniss Everdeen knowing that the books were beloved and that the image of the characters created in them would rest on her performance.  She's also chosen multi-dimensional characters in other films and has nailed them too.  Let's face it, she's not doing "American Pie." She's also pretty gutsy about saying what she means and refusing to shy away from typical taboo Hollywood issues. Too bad for her that the bravery we find so admirable will soon become "diva with an attitude."

5.  She's too charming and steals every red carpet she's on:  Not only does she wow us with fashion and style, but she gives the dull red carpet interviews some life.  She's always up for a photobomb, a silly quote or a awkward moment that makes her seem even more genuine and we love it.  Or, soon will she be like the cute kid at the dinner party; fun for a few minutes and then we want them to go to bed? We have a very low tolerance for "endearing."

I feel for her; I really do.  I would never want to carry such a burden of beauty, talent and charisma. Having it all is killer because you know that sooner rather than later we won't stand for it. When we raise the next JLaw up, I'll be so grateful to just be me and not the new gorgeous, charismatic, brave and talented star wearing couture on Hollywood red carpets. Phew...aren't I lucky!


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