Our day in pictures

Our day in pictures

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10(+) Gifts for Teen Readers

Books are my favorite thing to give as gifts and when my nieces and nephews were young it never failed that they would get a book under the tree from Aunt Karen. I tried very hard to match books with their interests but I learned an important lesson in gift giving through the years -- books will be better received by even reluctant readers if you pair it with something else. Here's a gift guide with 10 books that teens will enjoy and a little something extra to wrap up with them.   Read more >

Life From Scratch: A New Novel From Contributing Editor Melissa Ford

When I found out last spring that Contributing Editor Melissa Ford was publishing a novel, I maybe squealed a little. A few months ago I got an advanced copy of Life From Scratch from her publisher, and I maybe squealed again when I saw it in my mailbox. Holding a book someone you know wrote in your hands is a true joy in a reader's life.   Read more >

9 Bloggers Coming to A Bookstore Near You

Do you remember back a few years ago, when a blogger getting a book deal was pretty much unheard of, and when it did happen it was major news? Some of the most beloved books in my collection are by people whose blogs I read every day. It's no longer uncommon for me to head to the bookstore and recognize author's names from my feed reader. Bloggers getting published doesn't always make the top of the news cycle anymore, so I gathered together some blogger publishing news for you.   Read more >

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