Orange Mud HydraQuiver VP2 for People Prone to Tripping While Holding Stuff: 50K Test Run Review

Orange Mud HydraQuiver VP2 for People Prone to Tripping While Holding Stuff: 50K Test Run Review


If you remember from earlier this year, I wrote a review on the Orange Mud HydraQuiver Single Barrel pack and its ability to help me levitate and read the minds of other humans.  Since writing that review, the owner of Orange Mud (and creator of the Harry Potter of hydration packs) read it and thought I was crazy (as I could read his mind while performing a perfect levitational maneuver).  However, he graciously sent me a totally rad race challenge headband with patch in return for my ecstatic review of his hydration pack. As a result, I have become greatly enamored with his company's customer service, business approach and especially the excitingly different product line Orange Mud offers ultra runners.


First of all, I want you to know that I am deeply in love with the Orange Mud vest both in a way that should scare the CEO a little as everyone knows people with obsessive-compulsive disorder often become dangerous when you make them fall deep in love.

Or when you get them wet.

I’m no fair weather psycho, either. I have loved my HydraQuiver through the good times and the bad times.


Single barrel, I was always right there with you. No matter how high you let my Mountain Dew fizz in your bottle coming dangerously close to my ponytail or even that one time you took in some Kiwi flavored Gatorade laced with penicillin and made me throw up in my mouth, I continued to be your biggest fan.

Not biggest fan as in some lady who hasn’t left her bed in 22 years because of her addiction to Butterfinger's and Mountain Dew, but biggest fan as in I am a HydraQuiver fanatic.

So imagine my insane and potentially brain-exploding excitement when I found out the vest was now available online!  Sweet lord. How is a girl supposed to sleep a wink knowing something like that? I could barely stop running around my house screaming, “The VP2 pack vest is here!!!”

(Please pardon all the exclamation points. Typically I do not throw them around all willy nilly, but when Orange Mud put two water bottles in a hydration pack with a vest…together no less…nothing says excitement like overuse of punctuation!!!!!)

Needless to say, I popped on over to the website to purchase that hydration vest thereby ensuring that my vest would be on my person by the date of my next 50K in Rosaryville State Park, Maryland.  And I have to say I was somewhat surprised. I may be a little out of touch with all you crazy rock n’ roller ultra types, but I had no idea hydration vests, the new object of my affection, could cost about as much as my womanly boob squash procedure minus the insurance.

Just clicking a quick search online, I see other hydration packs from competitor vendors costing an approximate average of one-jiggetyy-jillion dollars each. Not only is the OCD ultra mother runner crazy in that special obsessive-compulsive way that makes me irresistible to psychiatrists, I am also crazy cheap.  I tend to see money as something evil that I will never have enough of...therefore, I should never spend it on anything fun or frivolous. So the online price of $149.95 made me uh-skeerd. That’s right. UH-SKEERD.
That is southern for tremendously terrified. Feel free to use it in your day to day conversations.

I quickly recovered from my skeery condition however when realizing this vest pack is competitively matched in cost by other hydration pack brands like Ultimate Direction so if I shopped elsewhere I'd probably be shelling out more dough and settling for a bladder type vest pack which is nearly impossible to keep clean and not at all what I was looking for in the first place. 

I found Orange Mud is also slightly cheaper than some well-known brands like Salomon.  As far as storage comparisons, the compact arrangement of the VP2 Pack is more sufficient in that it offers more comfort than a Xanax flavored smoothie with a vodka chaser and tiny little pistol you can use to threaten the runner in your age group should she try to pass you in any way.  Not that I would pack such items for an ultra race but the storage is there.

But with something as important as a hydration pack for long runs and ultras, comfort and usage trumps cost.  Sure, my kids selfishly prefer food over my desire to have a fancy hydration vest. Truth be told, they probably would have preferred college over my Roctane gels and Hoka shoe spending, but that ship has sailed. There are some things an OCD ultra runner can't live without... no matter what. And I'm sure they can find work at a good gas station someday.


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