The Opposite Game

The Opposite Game

Since I started working over 40 hours a week, my husband has taken over some of the household duties.  Yesterday, he did the grocery shopping.  It kind of made my heart melt.

His greatest assistance has come with the takeover of getting the eight year old to bed.  Most of my work is done in the evening, so while I am clicking away on my computer my husband deals with the stall-tactics, the decision of which book and stuffed animal to take to bed and the newest thing to throw a wrench into the routine…SpongeBob mouthwash.

My husband has managed, after a long day at work, to turn this time into something fun.  There are races to the top of the steps, shoulder rides and the Mom’s-chest-pain-inducing-toss-the-tiny-kid-onto-the-bed-from-across-the-room-adventure.

So with all of these shenanigans, it was no surprise the other night to hear my son declare, “Daddy!  Let’s play the opposite game.”  My husband was quick to oblige.

I laughed as I listened to them go back and forth, with my husband telling our son to, “Hold your pee”, “Put your clothes on” and “Don’t brush your teeth”.

My son answered all yes-questions with a firm, “No” and everything that should have been a denial was met with a jolly, “Yes!”

As usual, my husband had turned bedtime into something giggle inducing.

After a few minutes, I heard my husband say, “Okay, buddy.  Don’t say goodnight to your mother.”

Which is when the game came to an abrupt halt.

Because as I climbed the stairs to meet my son halfway, he greeted me with a smile and outstretched arms for a big nighttime hug and he said, “Good morning, Mom.  I hate you so much.”


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