Oops, I Hit Publish

Oops, I Hit Publish


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I'm so proud and excited to be writing for a new website.  I was asked by Cathy Meyer, the chief editor, to write for DivorcedMoms.com.  I will be writing new material for them once per month, and it promises to be an amazing resource for women navigating their way through divorce.  I'm in some awesome writing company as well.  All of these writers are talented and have incredible stories and tips so no one has to go through this journey alone!

So, where does the oops come in?  Well, it's important to note that once an article or blog is published on this site, there is no way to edit.

It's not grammatical errors I'm concerned about though.  I wrote a post about narcissistic fathers and their destructive impact on their adult children.  I may have shared some personal situations.   Perhaps I should have pretended they were situations belonging to a friend?

The thing is, I feel freer to write when it's for a guest post or another site because I don't have to worry about certain people reading my posts.  When I wrote this, my first original post for DivorcedMoms.com, I passionately wrote about typical narcissist fathers' patterns of behavior and their impact on our children.  I shared tips for how to deal with these challenges as a healthy parent. 

We feel powerless as we watch our children suffer from a form of emotional abuse we have experienced ourselves.  This powerlessness prompted me to write the post in hopes of helping other women dealing with similar situations.  Mission accomplished; but I'm hoping I didn't share too much. 

There's a fine line between sharing to help others and sacrificing our privacy.

Yet, the craziness that I see prompts me to write.  I wish I could write about rainbows and butterflies.  I wish my ex and I were on friendly terms.  I wish many things that are not possible. In the meantime, I sincerely hope I am helping someone out there…

Did you ever publish and regret it?  Did you ever find yourself having to explain your reasons for sharing something personal?  Help… I need some feedback from my fellow bloggers!

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